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December 02, 2007



Wonderful! Oh, thank you for sharing this! First of all, it does my heart good to hear that you are entering lessons in December with such a positive, excited feeling, but second of all, you have inspired and encouraged me in the process. Thank you, friend!
(Off to revamp my list... and simply add more time with my children, and alone time for each of them...)



I'm so glad I was able to pass along the inspiration that I felt - Our children are not static (as in unchanging) but dynamic and so while there are constants that they will always have as part of school, there are also schedules and books and priorities that will be changing to adapt to the changes that they are going through. Our children grow and change so fast that a group of friends and I encourage each other both to perservere through the more difficult times and to cherish and savor the good times because it is all "just a phase" - whatever it is that is happening it won't last for too long.

Thank you for writing and sharing how my own encouragement was an encouragement to YOU!


Denise, you are a wonderful mother. My niece and nephews are going to be sooo..... smart or should I say are so smart. I really look up to those mother's who homeschool among all the other wife and mother duties. It was really unheard of when my kids were little, I also had to work outside the home. Thank God for all our blessings. Love, Norma

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