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March 06, 2007



Thanks to introducing me to your handsome son! He really sounds like a wonderful guy.

I have, actually heard of Angelmans. A blog-friend adopted a little boy with Angelman's a year or so ago. He has blended so beautifully into their family and he has made huge strides in progress because of their devotion to him. Here is her blog address:

Her name is Yvonne and she is a gem!

BTW--I love the picture of all your redheads! Perfect!


Thanks the intro to your wonderful Angel! I've heard of Angelmans, it was one thing we looked into for our Macy. I certainly know what you mean about having a 20 year old toddler. Macy is 5 and will always be a baby in many ways.
I've only recently found your blog, I think it's great!

Erin S

I stumbled upon your blog today and felt compelled to comment on your post. Thank you for sharing your sons story. I was brought too tears when reading it. I can just feel the love you have for your son. What a wonderful "Angel" God has given you.


Okay, I just had a reply and somehow Joshua deleted it all while trying to help me type!

I am the Yvonne Randi mentioned above. We have had our little guy for a year and a half now, he turned three in January. He is awesome!!!! Though his computer skills are lacking. ;-)

I love, love, love your post about your son!!! I dread puberty, but I can relate to everything you said. Your boys all look so much alike!!! Man, strong genectics! Joshua has a clinical dx of Angleman's but we are very involved in the Angelman communtity. I have met many Angels and he fits in perfectly!!!

Are you on the the Angelman listserve? I've been on it for about a year and a half now.

We are leaving in the morning to go and bring back home our newest addition to our family, another daughter, we also have a 14 year old bio daughter. We homeschool too, and are Christians also.

Your son sounds awesome!!! You've described hims soooo beautifully!


I have heard of Angelman as on of the children in our special needs playgroup has angelman syndrome. I loved reading about your son and visiting your blog today.



I just found your blog and I have to comment on what was one of the most moving posts I have read in a while. It is so incredibly touching to hear you talk about your son in such a warm and loving way, it gives one a real sense of knowing your wonderful son without ever having meet him. You are so lucky to have had all these joyful experiences with him and to have realized the happiness in your lives. Thank you for sharing.


You are all so kind - I am moved by your sweet comments!
I'm so glad I wrote it (I don't often get to "gush" about my sweetie) and got the chance not only to meet some new people but to meet some others angels as well.

May the LORD bless each of you.

Denise ( & Jared :-)


have just found your blog from ' I have to say'. I found your description of your son and how wonderful he is very moving


Thank You for sharing your story! My daughter has Rett syndrome so I've heard of AS. It's so important to let people know what a joy and blessing our children are. They have so much to teach us. Here's to having Angels in your life!!!


Hi, I'm the DeputyHeadmistress from The Common Room, and I posted about our own Cherub and how she reminds me of your son in so many ways.
The Cherub has never been diagnosed with anything specific except mild cerebral palsy and retardation, but the C.P. is so mild that it interferes with her life almost not at all. The developmental disabilities are much more severe.

We adopted her at six, and we know she had oxygen deprivation at birth, but none of the specialists she's seen have thought there was a good reason for her not to speak. She does have some sign language.

She did have seizures as a child, but she seems to have outgrown them. One doctor did suggest Prader-Willi once, but this was ruled out. She is terribly interested in food, but not to the extent one would have expected with Prader-Willi.

There was some hormone testing done years ago, but we learned later the testing done had a 50 percent accuracy rate. Reading the Wiki entry on Angelman's really was like reading a description of her- it was uncanny. I asked my husband what he thought about trying to get her tested again and he asked why- he doesn't think our doctor would go for it (new doctor, we moved three years ago), and he's not sure it would tell us anything other than a name for what she has.

She is also 20 years old, but she is quite small for her age (largely because of her scoliosis, I think)- making it much easier for me to handle her physical care, although when she doesn't want to be handled it can be a rather, um, acrobatic experience.=)


The My Angel is so touching, thank you for sharing those most intimate feelings with others. You have touched others just as Jared has touched many in his precious life. God had or has a special plan for you and Jared. As a nurse I worked with many handicapped children and was always blessed by my relationship with the children and the parents. Norma


OH P. s. - A proud Aunt Norma, love the picture of Jared crawling,


This is the most beautiful thing, Denise. I never knew, until I clicked over from your most recent post. I *see* what you're saying, what the toddler in him does, for it reminds me of Eliana.
What a beautiful thought, that he will always be your baby. He is precious, and so are you.

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