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February 18, 2008


Ann Kroeker

FABulous! I love it! This surely is a great addition to Monday FunDay!!

How does he make them so big? What's the secret?


How does he get them so big? A LOT of practice!! He just uses regular dishwashing soap (I think Joy is what we have right now), lathers his hands up with the soap and a little water and then he puts his hands together, then opens his fingers (thumbs and index fingers) so that there is a film of soap between them like in the center of the bubble stick - y'know? Then he starts 'blowing a bubble' -- see pictures, slowly and carefully!

FUN stuff! I'm glad you liked it, Ann. ;-)

Yvonne and Joshua

That is very fun! I'm going to have to try it now and see if I can impress Caylee and give Joshua a big laugh! :-) Very impressive!


Whoa! Those are some awesome bubbles!


Wow!!! Great bubbles. Handsome guys too. Looks like his Aunt Norma- Cute. I never have that much fun doing dishes. Thanks for sharing. Norma

Smockity Frocks

COOL! I love the last photo!

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