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June 18, 2008



YEAH!! I came home to find your beeeeeuutifuuul cards! I LOVE them all, but I must say that Tree For All Seasons is my fave. I really like the color combo and the crispness of them. However, they are all great. Sweet n Sassy is my next fave. Thx for sharing. Mrs.G :D


These are all gorgeous! You are incredibly talented.

My favorites are the baby onesie ones, and the Happy Day one is a close second.


I soooo love the variation of the baby onsie turned into a dress.... oh the possibilities, that way it can be a card for any age not just baby... very clever... also really like the tree for all season, I want to see all 4 seasons - friend!!!

They are all great. So fun and refresshing to stamp - especially during summer break!!!
Mrs. C


Okay...while I loved all of them (you are so creative, girl!), my favorite(s) have to be the "Tree for All Seasons" and the "Loads of Love" cards. I have to pick both because I've been wanting both of those sets (and their accessories) for a long time now but can never afford it! ***sigh***

Oh well, I'll just drool over your creations...they are truly beautiful, my friend!

BTW: I'm working on the sleeves!!!!
Thanks for your patience!
Talk to you soon!
In Him,
tulip in Idaho


Well, since I've already won before... ;) I'll tell you which one is my favorite anyway!
I adore the Tree for all Seasons! The colors are absolutely perfect. I loved this post- tons of pictures and all! It gets my own creative juices flowing...

Of course, I also think the onesie is delicious- but I'm going to see if I can rig some of those up on my own!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent! (((you)))


My favorite is the groovy guava, I love the colors and the card is very versatile. I love your stamping, you are so creative. I have tried it on my own a few times but a class would be so fun. Wish you were closer you could help me. Your sister in law, Love Norma


Very very cute! I love all of them!

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