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July 08, 2008



Happy Birthday Jared!!!

Yvonne and Joshua

Oh what a sweet picture of your sweet angel!!!!! He was a little darling!! I know just what you mean Denise, it is such a blessing to have these boys in our lives, I thank the Lord every day for the gift of Joshua also. Happy Birthday to your angel from me and mine!!!! I love when you update about him. I NEED to update Joshua's blog, it's all sad news right now. I need some happy posts!


Yvonne! I was thinking/talking about you and Joshua just yesterday. My angel's annual review with Regional Center was yesterday and the subject came up "Is there anything else he needs?" So, I mentioned that I would really like to research getting a bicycle for him - and mentioned the Amtryke that you had received for Joshua. How is he enjoying that? Does it have the pushbar on the back? And one more question - Steering? ;-)

Thank you for visiting! I love looking at Pooh Bear's Adventures and seeing him do so many of the things that my angel did at that age -- and NOW!! He's really just the same, only a bigger body! Have a wonderful day, week, rest of summer, and give Joshua a big Angelman hug from both of us!


Hi Denise,
I am so sorry I forgot Jared's birthday. It felt like I was missing someone when I checked my calendar but it had not got put on the calendar this year. Please forgive me. That picture of Jared is so precious. I know that every minute you spend with Jared is a gift to him as well as a gift to you. Give the big boy a hug from Aunt Norma. And know that Jared holds a specail place in my heart and is always in my prayers. Love to you and all the family, Norma

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