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August 01, 2008



So true... it's still plain ole' frustrating. Have you tried adding a little exercise into the mix? Once I did that, it seemed to make the scale start moving again... albeit slowly. :) I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, friend.

Sonya Gala

You are doing great. Don't feel discouraged. I have been walking and cutting down portions for a few weeks now and although I have seen very little change on the scale, I am feeling/seeing a change in the way my clothes fits, the level of energy I have and how I "feel" about myself. The scale will soon enough reflect your efforts. Try to 'move' for at least 20 mins a day...walking, climbing stairs, bike riding, etc., This just might be the nudge you need. ;)


Sonya and Elise -

Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions, but I'm so silly!

I totally forgot that it was coming up on "that time." Well, now that it's here, I'm actually VERY thankful that I didn't gain any weight and just maintained.

Weighing myself regularly (we have an excellent digital scale) I have noticed that just before my time my body really holds on to everything like a clenched fist. Then once I start, almost immediately that fist relaxes and I lose normally again. Now that I've started, I'm down 1.5 lbs already and expect a few more in the next few days. YEAH!

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